Sistemas de Detección de Incendios: EN54

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    September 23 – 26
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    Bosch Security Systems provides intelligent products and services to maximize the benefits of a connected security solution.

    Discover how Bosch can enable you and your clients to integrate intelligence at every level of their business critical infrastructure.

  • Integration Partner Program
    Integration Partner Program

    Integration Partner Program

    Are you are looking for an integrated solution for fire detection systems? Check the integration status of our partners and find out which solution is suitable for you.


Centrales LSN

The LSN Panels provide Bosch technology with sophisticated capabilities of large-scale installations to smaller applications


Advantage Line

Nuestra oferta de productos para aplicaciones pequeñas y medianas como escuelas, bancos y edificios de oficinas


FPA-5000 Central de Incendios Modular

Allows you to configure your own system according to the modular principle and expand it in accordance to your specific needs


Centrales Convencionales

The Conventional Panels provide Bosch technology with sophisticated capabilities of large-scale installations to smaller applications


Paneles de visualización

Our Display Panel is a universally remote parallel display with up to 96 LEDs (e.g. for ausable maximum of 96 detector zones)


Fuentes de Alimentación y Baterías

Our range comprises different types of power supplies and batteries with different capacities


Detectores de Incendios Automáticos

We offer a broad range of detectors which includes: optical detectors, detectors with dual ray technology up too till specialty detectors


Pulsadores de Alarma de Incendios

Our range is used for manual triggering and can be employed by our Local Security Network as well as conventional technology


Módulos RFL y de interconexión

Our range permits the integration of all kinds of applications ranging from technical alarms till extinguishing systems


Dispositivos de Señalización

Our range offers a variety of audible and visible notification appliances for different kinds of environmental requirements


Dispositivos de Prueba y de Servicio

Our diverse range comprises everything from detector testors, test gases, test devices for our periphery up to detector removal tools


Integration Partner Programm

New Integration possibilities


Bosch on Android and iOS

Browse our app libraries for mobile devices.


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